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Holy freaking crap. When did it become the end of the summer? This is upsetting! Summer felt like it was three weeks long. I mean, I'm not as bummed as I am in past summers because honestly I'm used to it by now, but still. I have no idea what to expect for this year. I mean, I know it's not going to be easy as pie, but... I'm just concerned. That's all.

I got my schedule in the mail yesterday. This is the first time they've ever sent them out in this way and I'm glad about it. I hate getting the schedule at registration when everything is so chaotic. They're been real nazis about schedule changes and stuff this year, which I can understand, but still... Some people don't know how things are going to work out for them. Anyway, then is what my schedule looks like:

01: No First Period
02: AP Physics - Templeton
03: Student Assistant (I'm think I'm going to have Mrs. Edwards again, but I'm not entirely sure about that one.)
04: AP Psychology - Meadows (This is actually a computer course, so no real life teacher. Thank goodness, to be quite honest.)
05: Elementary Assistant (Haha. You know how I felt about this class.)
06: AP Government - Frazier
07: AP English - Wright
08: Enrichment - Koenig

The Enrichment thing is new for us. Basically it's study hall and it will be between 3rd and 4th period every Tuesday and Thursday. There are a lot of people complaining about it, but I don't see anything wrong with more time to get things done. I'm all about that.

The American Idol concert is this Sunday. I am very excited about this event!!! I love concerts! :)

Last night at dance, one of the teachers didn't show up. One of the moms came into the office and was like "Where is the hip hop teacher?" I called Lanette and she was like "She is supposed to be there." And I said "Um, well, she isn't." So, she told me to teach the class and I hit the panic button on the inside. Haha. I don't teach dance, I learn it. Plus, I hate doing anything spontaneously like that. I like to be prepared. I ran down and asked Samantha if she was busy, but she was going to the movies and Lucy had to teach another class, so I had no other choice. I taught the class in my jeans and bare feet. I don't do hip hop, though, so I just stretched them, taught them some of the basics of jazz, and then let them choreograph their own dances. Anyway, I will not be teaching any other dance classes anytime soon. I called Lanette back afterwards and she was really appreciative. She was also really pissed off. She said that the teacher will not be returning. Ouch.

Today Lanette paid me $270. Yeah, baby! She also wants me to do a Pointe solo this year! I've always wanted to do a solo! I'm excited I did this job. I feel more involved in the studio. For example, the last few weeks, I've been downloading songs and putting them on CDs for Lanette and I saw a note sitting on the desk where she's going to use one of the songs for a team dance. Yeah! Haha. It's the little things.

I hope you all have been watching the Olympics. I know 4 years ago they consumed my life. I just fell in love with Michael Phelps. I am rooting for him up the wazoo. I want him to get those 8 gold medals badly! Haha.

Where in the world is my life going?
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