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Well, it's the last few days of the summer and I think I'm taking it like a man. I'm ready for this year to start for some reason. I need social interaction again. And I need to dance. I miss dance so much more than I thought I would. All the past summers, I've had time to dance and stuff, but not this summer. I have the creative energy flowing through me. I made up like... half a dance last night. I even wrote it down (the best I could anyway...) so I won't forget it like I usually do. Plus, I like that sore feeling I constantly have during the school year, as sick as it sounds. I like to know that I'm working hard. I've been running this summer, but running isn't really my thing. At all.

I'm watching Across the Universe at the moment. I just love this movie. I know a lot of Beatles fans don't like it because they think it's too Hollywood-ized and all the little teenagers are going to "like" the Beatles now. Haha. I just like the music, the story, the characters. I don't know.

Obama came to Lynchburg yesterday. My mom was going to try to get tickets, but they were all gone within hours. It's really cool. I would've loved to hear him speak. I would love to hear McCain as well. It would help with Government this year. My goodness.

I went to registration on Tuesday. It wasn't even really registration. You basically just went and talked to your teachers and I've had all these teachers before (thank goodness, to be quite honest.) I'm really excited I took AP Physics this year. We're going on a field trip in November to see a Shakespeare play and we're going to Busch Gardens again. Yay! Mrs. Frazier's class will, of course, be good. She told me how proud she is of our grade. She said we're one of the best senior classes she's seen in a long time. She went to go see Obama! Lucky her. I'm excited to have Ms. Wright again. She was my English teacher in 9th grade. I forgot how wonderful her humor is. It think it will be better to have her now that I'm older. I talked to Mrs. Edwards and apparently guidance moved me out of the student assistant program and moved me into some 9th grade help program. Um, I already have the elementary school kids. I don't need the 9th graders too. Anyway, she told me to just tell Dr. Laughn that I want to help her. Haha. I'll put together these Biology kits. Woo hoo.

My Psychology teacher just called. I have no idea where he's from, but he's an awkward little man. Haha. He went on and on and on and didn't even say anything. But he seems nice. I think he said his name is Mr. Matson. Maybe? He was like "The most important thing is that you don't ever feel awkward to contact me." Ok. You're making it awkward by saying that. Goodbye.

Oh yeah! I got one of the senior parking spots. It's the top 35 seniors. I'm #29 and Jenny is #30. Yayayay. It's funny because the #1 spot is the absolute worst parking spot. It's so far from the front door. My spot is good! Haha.

I had senior pictures today. Let me tell you, it's extremely awkward. I had to take off my shirt to put the drape thing on and I felt like I was hanging out all over the place and the boys were all around. It's over now. Thank goodness. I'm going to get my casual shots with someone else. I'm glad I made that decision.

The American Idol concert on Sunday was a lot of fun! It was so nice to spend time with Jenny and Mrs. House. The trip down there felt really short and we talked a lot. I don't really like Charlotte at all compared to Greensboro, where it usually is. It's like, an actual city and there was no parking lot for the place, so we had to park on the side of street. I'm not fond of the city, I don't think. Anyway, we walked around in a big ol' circle and finally found the arena and a place to eat. Our seats were good. However, the man in front of us very rudely kept turning around and told us to stop screaming. Mrs. House finally talked to him and told him to turn around. Haha. I don't like being talked to in that manner, though. What did he expect when coming to a concert? He acted like we were the only ones screaming. Whatever, old man.

I'm very tired at the moment. I think I'm going to go run. I will feel better then.
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