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Start time: 4:41 P.M.
First grade teacher's name: Miss Anderson... I still see her at the elementary school almost everyday!
Last word you said: Well, I said "Bye" to Jenny and Tyler.
Last song you sang: A Little Bit Longer - Jonas Brothers
Last thing you laughed at: Jenny and Tyler.
Last time you cried: Last night.

What's in your cd player?: A Little Bit Longer - Jonas Brothers :)
What color socks are you wearing?: None.
What's under your bed?: Junk.
What time did you wake up today?: 6:40 A.M.

Current hair: Ponytail.
Current clothes: Shirt and jeans.
Current annoyance: The contacts aren't focusing.
Current smell: I don't smell anything out of the ordinary.
Current longing: You know, I'm not really sure.
Current desktop picture: The Beatles! With Ed Sullivan.
Current favorite music artist: Um. The Beatles. :)
Current book: I'm just trying to finish my magazines! I have the biggest stack of them.
Current worry: That the weekend will go by much too quickly.
Current hate: Sneezing.
Story behind your username: Well, back in the day it was cool to adopt another name aside from your's. This happened to be mine.
Current favorite article of clothing: My jeeeans.

Favorite physical feature on a guy?: Curly hair.
Line from the last thing you wrote to someone: Do you have something against that? :) (Haha.)
I am happiest when: I'm with family/friends. :)
I feel lonely when: In here. Haha.
Favorite authors: Sarah Dessen.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?: Here. Or Italy or London.
Famous person you have met: Well, I was within feet of the Jonas Brothers. That has to count for something.
Do you have any regrets?: Yes.
Sex or love: Love, please.
Favorite coffee: None. :)
Favorite smell: There are plenty of favorite smells.
What makes you mad?: Non-stop talking, coughing, sneezing... Disturbances.
Favorite way to waste time: Facebook. Ugh.
What is your best quality?: I'm nice.
Are in currently in love/lust?: Mm hmmm.
What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: Haha. I'm not very crazy with my life.
Any bad habits?: Popping every freaking bone in my freaking body.
Do you find it hard to trust people?: Yes, to be quite honest.
Last thing you bought yourself: I bought myself dinner the other night.
Bath or shower?: Shower.
Favorite season: Summer.
Favorite color: Yellow.
Favorite flavor: Strawberry is always a good flavor to choose.
Favorite time of day: 6-9 PM.
Gold or silver?: Silver.
Any secret crushes?: Haha. I have more crushes than you can imagine. ;)

Do you wear a watch?: No.
Favorite stores: I like 'em all.
How big is your closet?: Tiniest thing ever.
Ever spend more then $200 in a store? No.

Do your friends know everything about you?: Some know quite a bit about me.
What do they tend to be like?: Crazyyy.
Can you count on them?: I can.
Can they count on you?: Uh huh. :)

book you read: Life Of Pi.
movie you saw on the big screen: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.
show you watched on tv: I can't remember.
song you heard: Well, Ave Maria sung by Celine Dion. That was the last song I heard while I was conscious.
thing you had to drink: Water.
thing you ate: Cakesters.
time you showered: Last night.
time you smiled: Just a bit ago.
time you laughed: Just a bit ago.
person you hugged: Jenny.
person you talked to online: Dan.
person you talked to on the phone: Mr. Matson. Haha.

Smoke?: No.
Do drugs?: No.
Drink?: No.
Have sex?: No.
Sleep with stuffed animals?: Yes.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: No.
Play an instrument?: Yes.
Believe there is life on other planets?: No.
Read the newspaper?: Sometimes.
Believe in miracles?: Yes.
Consider yourself tolerant?: For the most part.
Consider police a friend or foe?: Hey, I have nothing to fear.
Like the taste of alcohol?: I don't know.
Believe in astrology?: No.
Believe in magic?: No.
Go to church?: Yes.
Have any secrets?: Yes.
Have any pets?: Yes.
Go or plan to attened college?: Yes.
Talk to strangers?: Sometimes.
Have any piercings?: No.
Have any tattoos?: No.
Hate yourself?: Haha. I feel like I do sometimes.
Wish on stars?: No.
Like your handwriting?: Sometimes.
Believe in witches?: Well, they exist, don't they?
Believe in ghosts?: I can't decide.
Believe in santa?: No.
Believe in the easter bunny?: No.
Believe in the tooth fairy?: No.
Sing in the shower?: Yes.
End Time: 5:20 P.M.
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