Audrey (meredith_k) wrote,

It's nice to be relaxing. Sunday morning, my mom, Tori, Marcy, Skylar, and I went to North Carolina to see my brother, Stephanie, and the kids. It was really hectic. But it was nice to get away and there were a lot of random, funny moments.

-Tori and I both noticing how Skylar was so freaking loud on the way down there, but neither of us had the strength to say anything. And when all of this was happening, "You Talk Too Much" by Run-DMC was playing in my iPod.
-Walking across the parking lot with Skylar at Wendy's and her saying "You just stepped in oil." Everything was slippery inside. Then when we were leaving, I said to Tori "I stepped in oil on the way in." And she said "How did you know you stepped in oil?" And I said "Skylar told me..."
-My mom saying "I think there's view of a field on this side" when we got into the hotel. When we opened the curtain, it was someone's backyard.
-At Zach and Stephanie's house, Tori got a glass of tea. I said I was going to go out to the van to get a bottle of water and Tori came with me. Tori poured her glass of tea in the bushes and poured a can of Coke from the cooler into the glass instead.
-Tori sitting in the armchair and me sitting on the couch while I text her to look at the golden retriever angel they have on top of their tree. Hahaha.
-Marcy telling me to add something to my memoir and Skylar saying "Memoir. That's Spanish for memory."
-Tori had put her cell phone in my bag and I had my camera in there as well. I had my phone in my hand and I went to get my camera out, but pulled Tori's phone out instead and had two identical phones in my hands and I was so confused for a break moment. I said "What... the heck?" Tori saw what I was thinking and she started to crack up at me.
-My mom, Tori, and I watching the Elmo my mom got Davis and Allison as it was telling a story. Everyone else was somewhere else for some reason. Elmo is supposed to have a little stool with him, but it wasn't there at the time and he went to cross his leg over his knee and fell over and just sort of opened his mouth and laid there. I looked at my mom and Tori who both had "wtf?" looks on their faces and I just cracked up.
-Most moments when Stephanie, Mama, Tori, and I were playing Taboo.
-When Tori was typing things on my cell phone late at night and typed "I.Marcy my name is NAPKINSPI :) BRING ME TO YOUR PLANET." and "E.hugsy is my pic. Partner in crime buddy. You can.t imb elf this. Th4r right." I almost peed in my pants.

Jenny and I saw Eagle Eye last night and then I spent the night at her house. We watched Moulin Rouge. I had never seen it before. I really liked it. :)

Now I'm going to get some things done that I've been meaning to get done. Yay.
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