Audrey (meredith_k) wrote,

Ohhhh my goodness. I am... I don't know. Stressed. Very very stressed. And it's been that way since my last entry 9 freaking weeks ago.

I had my AP Government exam last Monday and AP English exam on Thursday. Then I have AP Phsyics tomorrow and AP Psychology on Tuesday and then Guild Auditions for piano on Wednesday. Quite honestly, I've worked harder on piano than I have for school because I can't bs my way through piano. I've had to memorize seven pieces. And holy crap I need to work on my musicianship phases tonight. I will be soooo glad when piano is done with. I'm on the verge of hating it now. I really loved it at one time. Oh yeah, the piano recital is on Friday. GOD.

My graduation will be on June 13th. That's pretty close! I'm excited but at the same time, I'm going to miss some of these people that I probably won't see much. Like Josh and Sam. They've been good friends this year. Josh is going to college in North Carolina and Sam is joining the Air Force. :(

And I have a somewhat boyfriend. Haha. Matthew has been my best guy friend since forever and things have just changed for us. He asked me a week or so ago if I would be his girlfriend, but I was like ohmygosh I'm so stressed right now. So, we'll see what happens. He's going to be be four hours away next year. :(

So, I went to Disney World during my spring break. That was funfunfun! It was me and my mom and my sister and my two nieces. I got sick while I was down there, though. :/ I love Disney World! I think that at some point in my life that I want to do the Disney College Program where you work at Disney World for a semester. How fun would that be!? And I talked to my dance teacher Lanette and she said that she might be able to talk to this lady she knows that's in charge of staging down there... A dancer in Disney World would be beyond amazing.

And then there was prom! Prom was really no big thing last year. Like, I kind of hated it. And this year was such an improvement! Matthew asked me to the prom, but by that point me and my girlfriends decided we were going to be dateless because that's what's up. This other weird creepy guy also asked me and I said no. I loved my dress! And it didn't rain this year. The people in my group were awesome. Dinner was great! And we all danced this year. It was just so much fun. After prom was kind of the same as last year, but Matthew was there. :)

I've been working hard in dance too. The dances are getting there, but we still have a lot of work to do. The recitals are June 19th and 20th, so that gives us little over a month. I'm sad, though, because my bff Sarah got really caught up in school this year and wasn't able to come to class much, so she decided to not be in the recital at all. :(

Speaking of, I went to Sarah's house last night! It was tres fun as it always is when we're together. We watched JONAS (this show is a lot better than I expected!) and parts of movies and then we decided at 1:30 in the morning that we wanted to go to McDonald's. So, we did. And there was this car behind us at the drive-thru and they turned the music up really loud and this girl got out and started dropping it like it's hot. It was really really funny. The drive-thru lady looked out the window and was like "Crazy fools..." I stayed at her house until 3:30 and then came home and passed out.

Senior awards are this Thursday! I'm excited for that. Then there's Senior day and the Busch Gardens field trip. There are things to look forward to. I can't wait. :)

Ahhhh. Ok. Let me go do some more of this crap. I miss lj. Hi guys. :)

P.S. Ohhhh yeah! This summer I'm going to see two Jonas Brothers concerts, the American Idol concert, and a festival in New Jersey where Coldplay is the headliner! I'm super excited!
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