Audrey (meredith_k) wrote,

Ugh. I need to change that userpic of mine. That was a year ago! Say what?

I'm back from the beach unfortunately. I already miss it. And last weekend was my dance recital. Technically my last since I will probably never take that many classes again. Graduation was the weekend before. Graduation was surprisingly very not emotional for me. I don't know. I guess I wanted to get out of there more than I thought. However, I did cry at the dance recital. I love dance. Oh, and no more piano lessons... Honestly, thank GOD! I've been taking a long hiatus from it, however I've been getting back into it a little bit. Playing Beatles songs, though. :)Oh yeah, I'll have to tell you about Graduation night.

I'm sorry that this is coming out in random thoughts. There's a lot that I wish I could tell you about this year, but I don't know if I should. I don't know if anybody is even reading my journal anymore. Haha. Oh well. I would like to use it more, however.

Oh! I graduated as an honor graduate. Random thought, but I'm proud of that. Especially since I totally Senioritis-ed my way through that last bit.

The beach was very amazing. Much better than last year. I don't know why, but it just was.

I'm attempting to get a tan this summer. If you know how white I am, you know that this will be harder than it should be. Haha. I've been laying out pretty much everyday for like an hour. And today I went to the pool with Alyssa for like... five hours and I'm so sunburnt. It's painful. But sunburn = tan, right?

Oh my God. I can't even finish this entry now because this guy that I know just pissed me off. I'll update later hopefully.
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